Qrafter and Qrafter Pro can be called from web pages or other apps using two ways:

  • Using the https://qrafter.com/x-callback-url/scan universal app link URL
  • Using the qrafter:// URL scheme

Using the universal app link URL, which is available with version 17.2 and later has the benefit of redirecting the user to download Qrafter, if the user does not have Qrafter or Qrafter Pro installed. Also, with it, malicious apps that may try to hijack the qrafter:// URL scheme will be unsuccessful, resulting in a much more secure implementation.

Both ways support the x-callback-url specification for returning the scanned values. To correctly call Qrafter or Qrafter Pro from your app or web page, you’ll need to use the following:




You’ll obviously need to URL encode all variable values, so that Qrafter and Qrafter Pro can decode them correctly. So here is what the variables mean:

  • x-source: Your app or page name. For example If you were calling from an app called “Your App”, you would use Your%20App here.
  • x-success: The URL to be called after successful scanning. It can be an app URL or web page URL.
  • x-cancel: The URL to be called if the user cancels the scan. This is optional.
  • browser: This is not an x-callback-url variable. It is unique to Qrafter and Qrafter Pro. If your return URL points to a web page and you add this variable, Qrafter or Qrafter Pro will return to your web page using Safari. If this variable does not exist, then the in app browser of Qrafter or Qrafter Pro will be used.

So, how will the contents of a scan will be returned back to your app or website? You’ll need to add {CODE} to the SUCCESS_RETURN_URL for Qrafter or Qrafter Pro to replace with the scan results. Here is an example:


Again, don’t forget to URL encode the variable value. It is not URL encoded in the example for the sake of readability.

You can contact me if you have any questions about using this URL scheme to scan codes.

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