The story of the name, Qrafter

It has been 6 years since I wrote and published Qrafter on the App Store and unfortunately, its name still creates confusion with some people.

When I first decided to write a QR Code app, I tried to find a good name that was not generic and had to do something with QR Codes. I wanted to create an app that could both create and scan QR Codes and tried to play with the word, create. Some names like Qrusher or Qreate did not sound good, then I found a word play with “craft”, resulting in “qraft” and hence, Qrafter. 🙂

Some people think that the name of the app comes from “QR-after”, and they pronounce it like that, but that is not the case. It comes from the ability to “craft” —or “qraft” if you like— QR Codes while at the same time scanning them.

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