10 years with Qrafter

I released Qrafter 10 years ago today.

I have been working on QR Codes for nearly 15 years. The first time I did something semi useful with them, I created a download QR Code for an amateur theme for my Nokia E70 in 2006. I was fascinated with the possibilities back then.

There was a lot of competition to QR Codes throughout the years. Microsoft Tag, ShotCode and the likes came and went, but none was able to go mainstream. QR Codes are easy to use, with relatively high capacity, they don’t need a server backend to be used and they don’t expire. These advantages helped QR Code be the best alternative in the end.

When I wrote Qrafter, I explained my reasoning. I was not satisfied with any of the apps on the App Store. Since then nothing changed, still many apps pop up on the App Store by developers who try to make a quick buck, or by scammers who immediately want you to subscribe to their ridiculous subscription plans.

Qrafter endured all of this so-called competition, downloaded by nearly 20 million users, loved by many and is still used by a lot of people and institutions around the world.

Hoping for another successful decade.

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